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Review of the movie “Side Effects”


I am aware that this movie has not been released yet and I haven’t seen anything more than the trailer, but here is my review, which may include spoilers that are based on the trite themes that this film will no doubt possess.

Jude Law’s character sleeps with Rooney Mara’s character; they likely have been for some time and this affair or some aspect thereof was the reason that her husband ended up in jail, who based on the amount of time he’s present in the preview probably gets killed or otherwise dispatched in the first or early second act, however because Jude Law prescribed some experimental medication that makes Rooney at least seem a bit loopy, the side effects (titular line!) are blamed for her bludgeoning her husband or someone else (Catherine Zeta Jones perhaps?) to death while in a trance state.  Rooney or some other girl with dark hair appears in some risqué photos which are used to blackmail Jude Law or are simply mailed to his wife to disrupt his seemingly on-the-level existence.  Pharmaceutical companies sure are evil, (go to preview guy voice) but when murder is a side effect (they say death, but they should have said murder) who’s to say where the murderer stops and the side effect begins.

On the other hand the pill might just zonk her out and a doppelgänger type does the murder, kind of the converse of Vertigo and she gets blamed, but can’t remember because of the drug.

Jude Law can sleepwalk his way through this kind of role so does just fine.  Based on the time of year this movie is being released and it’s use of a viral campaign it certainly won’t be considered for any awards, so don’t get your hopes up for Rooney blowing you away, although I’m sure she’ll be competent and pale, or Soderbergh doing anything more than functioning in a Contagion hangover state.  Channing Tatum holds his miscast post Magic Mike ground, but probably rolled his eyes at least once during his first read through of the script due to his being framed in jock-to-be-murdered fashion, or that might just be an angle and this will get all Closer.

I give the movie a B- and advise picking it up from a Red Box on a rainy, generally unspectacular evening, but you were probably going to do that already.