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There are as many states as there are switches, however the states most certainly take precedence.  The state is the mind and the setting of the thought that drives the choices of the switches to their ever-changing sequencing pattern.  States of butcher, baker, masochist waiter etc…  all require different sequences that are specific to the mindsets required to perform those particular duties, just as lover, hater, poser, player would be subsets of those states.

States are pre-selected or chosen randomly based on proximity to the appropriate environments or those occupying the environment.  Postnatal photographer, tender of bar, recorder and maker, driver of cars.  Stimuli decides the choice of state, but over a longer period of time.  The stimuli affecting a phone operator would have profoundly different effects on a mechanic and would thereby lead to a different state.  State is determined by sequence which is determined by stimuli which is determined by environment, however the state weights the sequence once it is reached, although weight of the state is determined by the time it took to reach the state.

Or something to that effect.



Obscenely Complicated


So I’m building things again.  I’m sure I’ll post some pictures of the sadly pedestrian kitchen island I designed in a few days.  On the bright and not-so-bright side, I designed something today that is ridiculously tedious and tricky; the thought of building it causes me nothing but dread.  The bright side however is it would be neat.  I cannot disclose what this thing is because it could end up being a gift, although the chances of me having 20 hours or so to build it between now and Christmas are pretty slim.

To construct this item I will have to craft and assemble over 150 pieces that will fit together in a variety of ways to construct the finished product, which happens to be small, meaning all the pieces will be small, meaning construction will be on the meticulous/maddening side because as anyone who invents or designs and constructs anything will tell you; initial designs/prototypes only work seemlessly about 2 times out of 100.  Also, people tend to get irrationally angry when you build them something and it doesn’t work or look like something from Ikea, Pier One, etc….

I’ll be happy when I’m building machines again.  Building furniture makes me feel like an inept 15 year old in shop class.  At least the properties of electricity don’t change when it happens to be rainy (one of the specifications for the island was that it was at least partially constructed using 2X4’s, which warp in a variety of horrible ways; I hate them very much).  So maybe I build this thing, maybe I just relax and see if I can buy something in the same ballpark.  The potential recipient will doubtless see this post and then more than likely request the ordeal, which might be fun in that desperatetofinishsomethingwithoutcuttingoffafinger way.