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As if it wasn’t enough to be satisfied with a coherent, stable, and surmountable number of tasks; it has become unavoidable to take on new more ambitious and pressing pursuits.  Many of these will no doubt fall by the wayside as things often do, only to be later cannibalized and digested as fiber (content) rich food matter by their more voracious kin.  A shame sort of, but not particularly in that they, like those ultimately completed, generally don’t yield much apart from consumed time, so in the end the difference between the eater and eaten in nominal.

The alternative of course is encasing furniture in concrete, breaking it out, spray painting the resulting relief some obnoxious color and making an exhibition of it.  It would probably be called “Fossilized” or something of a similarly horrible ilk.  Probably already been done, but what do I know?



There are as many states as there are switches, however the states most certainly take precedence.  The state is the mind and the setting of the thought that drives the choices of the switches to their ever-changing sequencing pattern.  States of butcher, baker, masochist waiter etc…  all require different sequences that are specific to the mindsets required to perform those particular duties, just as lover, hater, poser, player would be subsets of those states.

States are pre-selected or chosen randomly based on proximity to the appropriate environments or those occupying the environment.  Postnatal photographer, tender of bar, recorder and maker, driver of cars.  Stimuli decides the choice of state, but over a longer period of time.  The stimuli affecting a phone operator would have profoundly different effects on a mechanic and would thereby lead to a different state.  State is determined by sequence which is determined by stimuli which is determined by environment, however the state weights the sequence once it is reached, although weight of the state is determined by the time it took to reach the state.

Or something to that effect.


Things that have been and will be

2013-01-08_20-37-27_347As many do, I have recently been neglecting my blog a bit.  It is not because of laziness or disinterest, but due to productivity in things other than writing; namely designing and building a book shelf and getting my portfolio together for grad school application, which includes making a new piece of art and figuring out how it’s going to work. Hopefully what I’m working on will yield acceptance, however the idiosyncranicity of my previous work along with the likely horror with which my past professors are regarding my requests for letters of recommendation may prevent a positive review of the material.  The first few large scale projects I attempted were not only ridiculously ambitious, but were also undertaken with so little practical guidance that they were doomed at conception.  This is not to say that these projects/presentations/performances were failures; all I’ll say is that in retrospect I fully realize that a good deal of the potential existent in my undergraduate projects was wasted because I didn’t know the right questions to ask.

The photo above is part of my current machine/instrument.  It is skeletal at the moment, but once it’s wired to the microcontrollers I’ve built, each switch will trigger a loop of one of my compositions which were constructed to represent human emotions and other abstracts.  So remorse, anxiety, etc… My impressions anyway.