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Moving items to make room for larger pieces of an item that will be made and sit beside another item that will be modified, but will sit on top of an additional item constructed out of spare parts which will free up space to construct a smaller machine out of toggles that will form a device to talk to a program that will prompt compositions constructed out of deconstructed field recordings reconstructed to represent an approximate opinion of abstracts that link together to form a system of ever-changing complexity which hopefully yield something more than, “hey that’s neat”, but inevitably will yield just that.


Something built

Six digits on a freely rotating axis with a depressable tread in center that would trigger a spinning grip.  To traditionally steer a wheel with such an apparatus would be unecessary in that the wheel; being held by the tread palmed appendage(s), would be moved by the motion of the spinning tread in favor of the push and pull that is generally employed to direct a vehicle.