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There was once a glass coffin in the center of a lost woods, although how a woods can get lost is a strange question.  Once a day the coffin would sing and all the animals would come to listen.  One day a boy and girl were walking along the edge of the woods and heard the singing, which somehow calmed the animals down enough so that they did not attack, assuming of course that there were some bears and alligators amongst the animals listening to the coffin.  The girl was immediately enamored with the singing and asked the boy to open the lid to the coffin so she could see what was producing the sound.  As soon as the boy opened the lid the animals pushed him inside and the girl saw that it was not a coffin, but the entrance to a deep hole.  She grabbed the boy’s hand, but he was too heavy and slipped away.

Sasha wasn’t sure what the moral of her story was, but liked that the animals pushed the little boy in the hole.  She assumed the little girl battled off the animals and escaped, although questioned if she would bother to come back because the woods was lost, so was probably prone to wandering about trying to find its way somewhere, making it doubly difficult to find again, apart from the singing of course, which was probably some yet to be classified giant ground mole with a taste for little boys.  The right thing to do would be to get the police, but upon finding the woods missing, they would assume the little girl had eaten the little boy and imagined the woods and singing coffin so was obviously insane and fit for a strait jacket, which she would wear well because she was an exceptionally pretty little girl.



He considered robot butlers for a moment, but his better judgment prevailed.  It seemed a bit contrived to have the Ruler supply every household on earth with a robotic butler, which would, in addition to cooking, cleaning and performing other requested household duties, spy on the population and report persons of suspicious nature, only to have the hero reprogram his butler to assist him in toppling the Ruler, who of course is the robotic butler’s father figure but is conflicted because the hero had given him free will (or so he had been programmed to think so), so he now had to convince the anti-hero to take up the cause of his dead liberator and take down the robotic butler’s father/creator.  The whole thing is iRobot/Terminator 2 automaton madness.

Visions of selling his story to a film studio raced through his head, but lost steam as he imagined the inevitable venue for this work; a straight to cable movie on a channel less than or equal to SiFy.  He examined his white board for ways to escape his horrible fate.  The Neo-Noir, perpetually dark and rainy Blade Runner locales that were a product of asteroids being moved to block sunlight to certain cities had to be removed.  His heart fell a little as erased a picture illustrating this display of the Ruler’s tyranny.  The Ruler was renamed Flannan and the short-lived hero’s name was Todd.  All these changes exhausted and discouraged him to the point that he ceased working and relapsed to scouring the internet.

Unwriter (cont.)

He decided that he needed to write something, anything, and even though he was disgusted at the idea he decided to write an adventure.  The story he began to construct concerned a man who took over the world by developing a device that used the planet’s magnetic field to drag asteroids into orbit and ultimately smash them into cities.  He found his idea amusing and tried to think of any other way to progress, but was unable.  A hero was constructed, the Ruler was cast in a gray light, and the hero informed him that ruling with fear is not ruling at all.  Unfortunately for the hero the Ruler has a very competent staff who were able to dispatch said hero quite handily before the 40th page.

He was quite confident throughout the process however that this idea must have been used in some obscure comic book from the 1930’s or something, but persisted with back stories on not only the Ruler, but of the dead hero and secret hero to come.  Incidentally, the hero to come was the man or woman that murdered the first hero, with an axe.  The development of an antihero was very entertaining in that he could now frame a character who was not only flawed, but had killed the last best hope of the planet.