Tired guy


Everyone seems to be quite tired, but it’s probably just because I am.  It is a well documented fact that people find it hard to imagine others not feeling the same way they do, or maybe not, that’s just probably me too.  Projecting afflictions on others to justify my own infirmity seems at least practical anyway.  The shock comes when someone comes along who is not as I am, because isn’t this person supposed to be sharing my mental state?  Their upbeat/downbeat/ambivalent behavior is an affront to my state of mind  so  the way they are is obviously wrong and I unfortunately have to inform them of this in an effort to impart how important it is for them to appreciate how critical it is for them to feel the way I do immediately, otherwise there’s really no point to my interacting with them.  I probably am simply not exhausted enough; as I run down others may as well and then I can talk with them minus the blood-boiling rage of tolerating clear eyes and sunny demeanors.  I will persist because I am right; I am tired and getting tireder, which is not a word, but I suspect will be, because of its applicability to so many situations; again me setting universal standards for what should be.

It is now a partially documented fact that I am tired and expect others to share this and any other state I may be occupying as a prerequisite to be around me.  I’m probably simply waiting to fall asleep, but am not allowed so will impose my unpleasantness to achieve satisfaction in it.  Foregoing complete documentation is as necessary as necessity although not more transparent than transparency, but then that’s approaching typical madness so will have to wait in lieu of something more coherent that I’m sure someone will be able to inform me of as they are the same as me and me as them, so may have some insights that I have but have obviously misplaced.


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