As of late there is only design.  Which is okay; I enjoy design and invention, but it is concerning because shifting to that style of thinking makes it hard to do much else, such as say writing the last two pages of a book.  However, writing this has helped me remember something I meant to do, but lost in a tidal wave of furniture construction mechanics.  There were similar difficulties during the recent rekindling of my sound/instrument/machine interests, which fortunately, unfortunately, sadly, or excellently were shelved in favor of more immediately attainable goals.  As utterly uninteresting as all of this may be, it exposes on some level (or at least vents it for me) some of the technicalities necessary to switch from medium to medium without feeling a sense of something lost.

I suppose a metaphor would be children.  My mind has several children, maybe 4 or so, each of them might have some pets or something that they take care of and maintain.  The children’s names are Art, Craft, Logic and Invention.  They each have their pets, which they sustain with leftovers from what I feed them (not a spectacular existence I’m building here, but there is a point).  Most of the time the children interact and learn form one another in a complimentary fashion, but every once and a while one of them will do something rather unexpected and will draw my full attention, which by the way is also their nourishment. I would surmise that my current state of mind might be attributable to Craft taking some of Invention and Art’s toys and using them to crank out the torrent of furniture construction mechanics mentioned earlier.  Not quite as tricky as Invention or esoteric as Art, Craft tends to be on the more pragmatic side and tends to spend a lot of time trying to figure out Logic, who occasionally helps Craft, but not always in the way Craft would prefer.  Anyway, this  all got a bit ridiculous, but basically I locked Art and Invention out in a blizzard and forgot about them for a few days, which means they’re a bit cold and hungry; so there’s the feeling of guilt, loss, etc…

Developing the lame metaphor above did help, but if something that insubstantial got things moving again, I would assume Art and Invention have been on the verge of starvation for some time.

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