Finding the voice of your novel then becoming annoyed with it

“Novel” may be an overstatement; I prefer “book”, but being as this is partially being done for the novel-writing month nonsense, I’ll stick with that nomenclature.  Getting to 50,000 isn’t the hard part of this, it’s getting to 50,000 words that I would want to read.  Anyone who has read the posts on this blog may note that I like working in confined spaces; confined meaning somewhat minimalist in that I like feel like the placement of every word makes it at least passingly interesting.  I will note that I am not yet able to do this as well as I would like, but think I show improvement every once in a while, which might not be considered actual improvement due to its inconsistency.

Anyway, the stage is set and the path is clear, the tone however, is lacking.  The more than likely problem is that I lack the emotional stuff necessary to connect with the characters that I’m writing, but I’m trying to avoid falling into the Phillip Dick trap of consistent distance, which I find happens naturally if I’m not paying attention.  I’m also quite sure that people who read my last book might deride this as another “trick” book, and it might be, but at least it’s a different trick.  Degenerate Triangle functions as more of a paradoxical logic problem, slightly Lynchian, but not overly so.  The current tone of the new book is slipping into that of the last so things have to change, or I’ll just abandon it for a while, which is exactly what I don’t want to do and why I entered the novel month thing. I definitely think that the site’s suggestion to just crank out words without editing is bad advice though, for me at least.  I find that fixing a bad sections makes the road ahead much easier to traverse.

Note:  This is not me giving up, this is a matter of prioritizing.


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3 responses to “Finding the voice of your novel then becoming annoyed with it

  • sparksmcgee

    “Finding the voice of your novel then becoming annoyed with it.” DING DING DING DING. Yes! That is what keeps happening to me!

    • christophermwilt

      I’m getting closer to a resolution. It’s almost like cinematography; the colors need to look right and the character’s personalities should at least in some way function in the syntax of the environment I build for them. I don’t know; I’m probably just over-analyzing though

      • sparksmcgee

        Exactly! I’ve found that you can’t *make* characters do a darned thing….once they are people, they act out of their character logic and don’t really care about that little silly story line. It takes an experienced hand to make the environment, the situation, and the character line up so that the story functions properly. I’m still working on that experience part! 🙂

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