Unwriter excerpt-NaNoWriMo project


Because of Bob’s act of bravery he doesn’t require a voice.  This makes things infinitely easier and entertaining because it limits the annoying exposition that goes along with a talking robot; who was more interesting C3PO and the Robot from Lost in Space or R2-D2 and the Iron Giant(sort of talks, but barely), there’s really no comparison; the latter are the embodiment of actions speaking louder than words.  Given that Flannan is the controlling type, he probably wouldn’t want to hear a robot’s thoughts on the orders that it was receiving anyway.  Sasha will probably have some friend who can access Bob’s memory, which will provide her with a more distant and therefore dramatic view of the events up to and including George’s death, all through Bob’s unmoving gaze; his eyes obviously lingering on his dead friend for a few seconds implying some type of emotional attachment.

The silent robot commitment makes him feel pretty good about his progress.  He thinks that the picture of this Sasha person was instrumental in establishing the important thematic tone he just decided on and begins seriously considering attempting contact.  His train of thought is broken by the phone ringing; it’s his brother reporting back on the section of the book he was given.

-You repeat the same words too much.

-What words.


-What am I supposed to do about that?

-Take them out, fix it.

-I didn’t ask for a grammar critique.  Did you like the story?

-I’ve never read Asimov, but I think you’re probably stealing from him, Gibson, or Ellison.

-Have you read much Gibson or Ellison?

-No, but this seems to be in the same genre and I can only assume that they’ve already written it and better.

-Did you like it?

-No, but that’s not the point, it’s typical, your sentences are too long too.

-Thanks.  Anything else?

-The robot shouldn’t talk.

-Yeah, I already decided that.

-Okay, well that’s all for now, I’ll let you know if I have any other thoughts.

-Talk to you later.


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