Unwriter’s scene

It is 4:30pm when an explosion rocks the lobby of the Metcalfe Mining building.  A city bus careens into the entrance of the parking garage, blocking both entry and exit.  Another explosion on the upper floors of the building shatters several rows of windows.  A figure in black sits perched on the rooftop across the street looking through the scope of an assault rifle for movement in the smoke.  She does not blink when the bus explodes, but continues to watch the door to the CEO’s office.
This is the fifteenth time he has rewritten this section.  He started with a frontal assault on the building which dead ended with a ridiculous interrogation scene.  Subsequent attempts yielded little more than sequences reminiscent of everything from The Raid, to Ocean’s Eleven.  His goal was a more kinetic scene than any thus far and this was proving utterly maddening.  Staging the action from the bus driving robot’s perspective might prove more fruitful, but he tended to doubt it.  Undue pressure from expected productivity was causing him to hallucinate robot butlers in the corners of his apartment and asteroids floating above his building.  He spends the remainder of the evening looking up the best ways to steal a bus.


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