They had migrated here from the East and had been enjoying an understated existence for what seemed like some time now.  For most it was an overwhelmingly positive transition, but some were initially wary of the valley, particularly of its distance from the ocean that they had lived beside for so long.  Most of those concerns were forgotten after the first few years though.  It wasn’t until the disappearances started that stories of old times began to dominate conversation again.  Rumors abounded concerning strange lights and large misshapen shadows moving along the cliff ridges at night, but were generally dismissed as the alcohol inspired hallucinations of a few degenerates.

Adam, the oldest in the valley was generally regarded as the definitive resource for the history and phenomena of the area.  He had lived by the ocean for his early years, and had only been caught up in the mass exodus west because his wife at the time wanted a change of scenery.  She had left him for a young local shortly after they arrived and he had been incredibly bitter ever since.  Once public outcry had reached a near fever-pitch he issued an official statement that they all existed in a changeable world and if they didn’t learn to expect the unexpected they were doomed.  There was no specificity concerning what type of doom they were to expect, however it was generally accepted that it was likely to be of the unexpected variety.

At the bottom of the valley is a small town that consists primarily of restaurants and bars with a few small businesses in between.  It is Wednesday morning and traffic is stopped, residents gather in the street as a man in a waiter’s uniform struggles against a point of light.  Eventually he falls to the ground and is repeatedly perforated by the glowing object until there is nothing left but a silhouette in the dirt.  It then cuts through the crowd, punches holes through all those in its way and vanishes over a ridge.


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