Writing a conflict instead of internalizing it is especially entertaining especially when said conflict regards productivity.  Expositing such internal mechanics is somewhat satisfying because in doing so the problem of productivity is mostly solved.  The question then becomes; what could I be writing right now if I wasn’t writing this.  I would doubtlessly be torn between the two projects that I am currently working on and would therefore become further crippled by that indecision.  It’s entirely possible that I could be writing some high energy super dense passage in the lighter fair or honing some surprisingly moving notes I wrote for the serious work, but suspect I would instead concern myself with some tangential project such as blueprints for a machine that I cannot afford to build.

One of the sentences above may be the stone that brings an avalanche of thoughts that will make me regret not being able to write both books simultaneously.  However it’s also possible I should get back to work before someone realizes that what I’m typing is not a series of database queries or e-mails to account managers.  Additionally, I am now getting tired for lack of food and will likely just pass out in my chair.


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