P.I. (cont.)

He noticed that he was not the only person following them and also that someone might be following him.  The question became; was the person following him somehow connected with the person who he was following who was also following them and if the follower that knew he was being followed and therefore had someone follow his follower would notice if the follower of his follower was to have an accident.  He considered the possibility that he was just being paranoid, but thought that it also might be possible that the solitude that accompanied this surveillance job had made him more sensitive to his increasingly strong sense of intuition that may or may not be the onset of schizophrenia.

They entered a restaurant on the boardwalk and he saw the man following them walk in and sit at the bar.  The woman who at this point was obviously following him sits on a bench about one hundred feet away and stares sadly at the ocean.  He moves slowly in her direction and eventually sits down on a bench about ten feet away from hers.  She sits silently for a few minutes then asks.

-Who are you?


-Why are you following that couple around?

-Why are you following me?

-Answer me first, then I’ll answer you.

-Are you coming onto me?


-The guy hired me to follow the girl he’s with, even when he’s with her.


-That’s all I’m saying.  Are you working with that guy who’s following them.

-Who do you mean?  You?

-No, the other guy.

-What other guy.

-Don’t pretend you don’t know.  I see it all over your face.  Why are you following me.

-I’m not following you.

-Could’ve fooled me.  Who’s that other guy.

-I really don’t know what you’re talking about.

-You obviously know what’s going on and I want in.  Did someone else hire you?  Are you working with the mob.

-I really don’t know what you’re talking about.  I have to go.

She stands up to leave, but he grabs her arm and starts walking to the ocean.  He tells he not to scream and asks her increasingly tangential questions about what she’s thinking.  They’re at the water now, the wave breaks drown out her screams for help.  He throws her down and holds her head under the water until she stops moving, then walks back to the boardwalk where he continues to watch the restaurant.



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