She (workplace)

The vending machines on the lower floors of her office building had different selections.  This knowledge of variety made her feel savvier than the employees on her current floor and gave her a sense of slumming when she would venture to the lower floors for a seemingly unavailable beverage or gum flavor.  Although it was not lost on her that lower floor vending machines might contain the items that they do because of some perception held by the powers that be that lesser employees prefer certain flavors compared to the more important employees of the higher floors. Her concern had become that by consuming lower floor goods that some may think that she does not belong on the higher floor because she possesses some of the tastes of a lesser employee.

She eventually began to enjoy her trips to the single digits because the looks she received were those that implied unattainability, as her clothes, shoes, and grooming materials were obviously of a higher grade than those of anyone on the eighth floor.  Trips to higher floors were certainly on the agenda, because as far as she could tell, building level corresponded with importance in this particular company.   She imagined that on higher floors she might be able to procure artisan ginger flavored gum as opposed to the watermelon flavor available on floors eight and lower.


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