A story that can write a story

How does one write one story with another?  It can be compared teaching someone how to use a hand tool and watching them build a chair with it.  I suppose that in many instances books do write themselves, as the characters and the stage on which they’ve been set make it clear to the author what they would like to be doing.

Some stories and books are singularities (Notes from Underground, excluding Apropos of Wet Snow, because Underground did write that and it may or may not be a fictionalized reason for his neurosis).  What I am looking for is an entire story that has the ability to create another, not a mash up, which are a pox upon current writing.   I’m not going to rant on all the things that are wrong with this approach to writing, other than it is a symptom of larger problems.

Back on topic, not something like Cloud Atlas,  which is very fluffy (like a cloud!) and not for me.  I suppose that the shadow cast by some monstrousity of a book can be considered a book in its own right.  What would the shadow of a Ulysses be?  Maybe The Great Gatsby or something similarly converse.  I suspect that the shadow of a piece of art or literature is a naturally occurring thing and is only clear after the cultural dust from a heavy impact has settled.

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