Unwriter (cont.)

“They’re Trollologs, they eat people” popped into his head.  An “in the know” quote shared by he and his friends from one of the worst movies of all time.  He searched this and found thousands of sites devoted to this apparent cult classic.  Nothing was sacred, nothing that he had experienced in his brief existence was unique or different.  He had been fed the same information diet as everyone else and his mind was resultingly the same.  Most people tended to accept this and put little emphasis on creating or experiencing anything because as far as they were concerned, everything that was and ever will be already existed and was available at the touch of a button.

He collapsed at this rather Randian observation and continued to idly scroll through tweet after blog after search result looking for something to motivate him to do something more than what he would continue to do until he found something to motivate him to do more than has was doing.  He tried to Stumbleupon an interesting topic and soon found himself reading a fan-fiction site with 250 million active followers that encouraged members to submit their Prekiragon media entries for the chance to be entered to win a new iPad.  The entries had to take place in a reality that blended Akira, Pokemon, Minority Report and Alien vs Predator.

After an hour of reading about Predators hunting the results of face huggers implanting different Pokemon who were being tracked by a psychic on a high-tech motorcycle, he imagined picking up his screen and throwing it out the window, but then could not imagine what he would be doing right now without it.


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