She moved to the city to pay her way through college.  A job in a decent office was easily secured as she was in her own opinion quite attractive.  Boys in the office lingered by her desk and she noticed the eyes of older men following her movements.  Some friends of hers had an apartment in one of the nicer neighborhoods and let her sleep on their couch until she saved enough money for a deposit on a place of her own.  The social circle that she moved in embraced her immediately and as far as she could tell viewed her as a contemporary.

After several months of pursuit one of the boys from the office impressed her with his knowledge of Turkish architecture so she agreed to meet him for drinks after work.  She returned home and confidently anticipated the night ahead as she had not been on a “date” for quite some time. He was sitting at the bar when she arrived.  Her first comment was an apology for any wrinkles she might have in her clothes for she was still living out of suitcases.  This deliberate display of vulnerability put her date at ease and increased the likelihood that he would be picking up the check.

They chatted idly about work as the boy drank faster and she sipped her pink cocktail.  At one point during the conversation the boy became animated to the point that he raised his hands in disbelief and as he lowered them unintentionally rested one on her knee.  She did not stop this, leaned forward and laughed appropriately. Realizing his good fortune, he withdrew his hand and resumed playful banter regarding their bosses and coworkers. She noticed a man looking at her from behind the boy, met his eyes and blinked slowly as she re-engaged in appropriate idle chatter.  The boy may have noticed this instant of disinterest had he not been inebriated.

She informed the boy that she was gong to the restroom and would return shortly.  As she made her way to the back of the bar she brushed by the man and took the opportunity to smell the air around him; an act that he took note of but did not indicate. Once in the restroom she noted the terrible sounds from the stalls and was moved to wash her hands with very hot water then wipe the smudges from the metallic surfaces of her sink. She returned to the bar where she saw the boy eagerly awaiting her return; the man was gone, but she found that she was unconcerned at this.  The boy had slowed his drinking which she suspected may have been motivated by a concern on his part in achieving an erection sometime this evening; the prospect of which made her smile slightly at him as she considered the futility of his intent.

As soon as she entered the apartment her friends commented on her stylish appearance, and inquired about her date to which she had little to say other than, “he paid.”  That night she thought about the man and purposed to return to the bar next week at the same time in hopes of seeing him again. The boy did not speak to her at work the next day and she wondered if she had annoyed or offended him the previous evening, however she was not so concerned that she would engage him on the topic.  On her way out of the building she noticed the boy from last night and some others huddled near the lobby doors speaking in hushed tones, she assumed about her.  She took off her jacket as she passed them and let her feet fall heavily enough be heard as a way to impart to the huddle that she knew what their conversation was about, but was unconcerned.

Later that evening she got very drunk and attempted to undress one of her roommates against his will.  Her other roommates entered the apartment and expressed great dismay at their unclothed friend being curled into a ball and rocking in the corner of the living room.  She entered the room shortly after their arrival prompting them to comment on how handsome her new clothes looked on her despite the torn shirt.  They were given an approving smile to this and asked that they forgive her alcohol induced indiscretion.  Following a well crafted apology to her formerly frightened, currently injured roommate, she assisted in applying bandages and neosporin to his cuts and scratches.  To solidify her standing in the apartment she had sex with him later that night.  This done, he would now inform the other residents of her cordial gesture, which would instill anticipation of such acts befalling them on a future night of drunken revelry that would never happen.

The man was not at the bar the next week and the boy accompanying her was not drinking enough to be entertaining.  He did make it a point to comment on the amount of red in her outfit this evening.  She was amused at this overt sexual advance and kissed the boy’s cheek, lingering near his ear long enough for him to hear her breath.  The man eventually appeared about an hour after their arrival.  She was disappointed to find his scent unpleasing and his face not quite as attractive as she had originally thought.  It was entirely probable that this passingly attractive, poorly cologned man was desirable only in contrast to the boy from last week.


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